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Claro Vote

Claro Vote is a secure online voting system that enables accurate electronic voting for boards and associations. From straightforward elections to complicated weighted voting and motions with amendments, our software offers a comprehensive system following Roberts Rules of Order. Whether you are a government authority, strata council, non-profit, or association, Claro Vote can save you time and headaches. Our electronic voting software gives boards the power to facilitate voting and elections precisely in the digital era.

Do you have a board meeting or AGM coming up soon? Are you running an upcoming election remotely or electronically? Curious about running meetings in a hybrid format? Find out how Claro Vote can benefit your organization by streamlining your voting process.

Capabilities & Benefits

  • Election Voting
  • Motion Voting with amendment
  • Simple or weighted voting
  • Scrutineer review and verify capabilities
  • Instant Results
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use voting interface
  • Dedicated presenter/presentation view
  • Comprehensive administration panel
  • Amendment facilitator page
  • Canadian owned and operated

Intuitive Voting Process

Claro Vote features an intuitive and easy-to-use interface that guides your members through the process of voting. The interface is clean, well organized and ensures users can follow along with the discussion and voting process through visual prompts and large buttons. Our system enables members to engage in voting from their desktop computers, smartphones, or tablets and can run in any standard web-browser.

Comprehensive Admin Panel

Managing votes for a meeting should not be complicated. Claro Vote gives you the tools you need to ensure your voting process runs smoothly and accurately. Customize a vote to suit your needs; from standard votes to weighted voting based on shares or weighted distribution, each vote can be different than the last. Create an election for a single position, multiple director positions, a standard motion, or an extraordinary motion requiring 2/3 majority, all from the same page.

Whether you schedule the votes in advance or create them ad hoc, setting up votes is quick and easy to manage. Claro Vote gives you great flexibility in creating votes to do exactly what you need.

Voter Management

Claro Vote supports a large number of voters and allows for easy voter partitioning. Import voters by CSV file or add them manually. Partition your voters into groups to permit a sub-set of your members to participate in certain votes. Generate access codes and send invitation emails to your voters with the click of a button.

Amendment Facilitation

Claro Vote provides a user-friendly interface for voters to submit amendments to motions as well as amendments to amendments. The flow of motions through multiple rounds of amendments is kept as simple as possible while adhering to Roberts Rules of Order. Our amendment management page provides a dedicated area to review, edit, reject, or bring forward amendments to motions, and finalize content on completion of voting.

Scrutineer Capabilities

If your votes require review and verification by a scrutineer, Claro Vote offers this dedicated feature. Two tiers of scrutineer capabilities are available, allowing “review” or “review and verify” roles to ensure there are no irregularities in the responses submitted and explicit validation of results.

Canadian Owned and Operated

We are proud to be a Canadian company and strictly adhere to the responsibility of retaining information within Canada. What this means for you is that all data from your meetings, votes, members, and results of voting will be stored on Canadian servers and abide by FIPPA regulations.

Training & Support

We offer full training, voting facilitation, and technical support depending on your needs. Contact us to find out how Claro Vote can work for you.


"Claro Solutions provided us with an excellent solution to our IT needs. Faced with the question of how to facilitate an interactive meeting of 500 people with complex motion and voting procedures during the Covid pandemic, Adam and Penny really came through for us. Excellent product, on time, within budget and all with great friendly communication. Couldn't have gone better."
Mike Roberts
CEO BC School Trustees Association.